One of the main aims of our Weather Observations Website (WOW) is to provide an interesting real-time tool to help people learn about the weather. WOW can be used in the classroom or at home to explore many aspects of our weather, and we’ve teamed up with the Royal Meteorological Society to provide resources for you to use.

Royal Meteorological Society

The Royal Meteorological Society have produced some resources for schools which make use of WOW. They can be found at the following link:

Royal Meteorological Society

The Met Office Education pages can be found at, and here you can find information on;

  • How weather forecasts are created
  • Training provided by our world-renowned college
  • Weather artefacts and books held in our library and archive
  • Educational content on our Weather for kids pages

Education & WOW

Below are some ways WOW has been used to help in the classroom or at home:

  • Easy to use guide on how to create a weather station using a Raspberry Pi attached to some electronics, and to set up automatic reporting to WOW. A Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) funded project.
  • Learn how to make your own weather observation equipment from household items.
  • Watch our video on how to use WOW (weather observation website).

Finally, if any schools or colleges have generated interesting WOW-based resources that they would be happy to share with others, please send them to us at, and we will share the best ideas with acknowledgements to the school who originally produced them.