When creating or editing a Site, you can specify a range of information. The content below explains the various settings you can store about your site and how they are used within WOW.

Site Location

Set the geographical location of where your Site is. Sites are stored within WOW using lat/long co-ordinates. You can enter these directly or enter a place or postcode and click 'Locate on map' which will automatically show the location on the map and populate the lat/long fields. You can then 'drag and drop' the pin on the map to give a precise location. Or click 'Search a Location', insert name or postcode then drag and drop the pin for greater accuracy.

As WOW will allow information to be submitted from anywhere in the world the easiest way to locate a place is to search using the format "placename, country" e.g. "Ottery St Mary, UK".

Site Location Image

You can upload 4 images (N, E, S, W) showing the surrounding environment of your Site. The images will be dynamically resized, so you don't need to shrink or crop them beforehand.

Site Details

When creating or editing a Site, you can specify a range of information. The content below explains the various settings you can store about your site and how they are used within WOW.

  • Site name: Enter a meaningful name that will be displayed when other users view your Site.
  • Site timezone: The timezone of where the Site is located.
  • Authentication Key 6-Digit PIN: Create and enter a 6-digit numeric PIN of your choice (it is not supplied by the kit manufacturer). If you wish to send observations automatically, you will need to add the PIN number you create here to any data feed sent to WOW.
  • Is Site Active?: This allows you indicate when a site is no longer active. Un-tick if you are creating a Site to enter historic data, and note that you will no longer be able to enter any new observations for this site. You are able to make the site active again in the future, should you wish to, by putting a tick back in the 'Is Site Active' box.
  • Allow data download: Unticking this box will prevent another user from exporting observations recorded for your site.
  • Site logo: You can upload a logo which will be displayed in the page header when other users view this Site. The logos will be cropped to 150 pixels wide by 35 pixels high.
  • Site description: Any further information not captured above regarding the site that you would like to submit to WOW.

Site Owner Details

  • Org/School name: If you're adding a Site on behalf of a school or organisation, then please add the name in this field
  • Reason for running: Let other WOW users know the reason you are running this Site.
  • Website address: If you have a website related to your observations site then you can add the website address in this field.
  • Default Access Level: Public or private. Public access enables any user to view the data from your site. Private access will only allow you or a shared user to view your site's data, it will not be visible to other users.
  • Group: Official WOW groups, for example 'Schools'.

Site Data Preferences

WOW lets you set a number of attributes that help other WOW users and the Met Office understand the surrounding environment. These Location Attributes are used to calculate a Site's Rating.

Site Data Preferences

This optional section allows you to specify which data you aim to collect at the Site and preferred unit of capture. These settings are then used when displaying the Detailed observation form.

You may override these settings on a per Detailed observation basis should you wish to submit data items not set in your preferences or select a different unit of measurement.

Additional Information

You can add anything else about this Site that you would like others to know - maybe some specialist equipment or how long observations have been recorded at this location.

Advice on how best to site a weather station can be seen here. It may be difficult to find an ideal location to site your private weather station. However if you share details on your weather station’s exposure when setting up your site in WOW, any siting issues can be taken into account, making the data more useful to others. More details on how to rate your site can be seen here.

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